RM-L 1080 is our latest research and development in the first generation of intelligent TV/LED TV remote control. Its uses imported chip with low power consumption, has betyter performance and has latest newest LCD/LED TV models which has beenĀ  appeared in 2016.


The default model system of this remote control is the sharp , when TV is not this brand, Please set as follow: Example Sony brand

  • Switch on the TV set, and aim the remote at the TV set.
  • Press the “Power ” key and the “2” key at the same time, after that release them, setting is completed.
Compatible Types List
Power+1: Sharp Power+2: Sony Power+3: Panasonic
Power+4: Sanyo Power+5: Hitachi Power+6: Toshiba
Power+7: Philips Power+8: LG Power+9: Samsung
Power+. /.. : Hisense Power+0: Sky worth Power+double direction sign: Changhong
Power+Red: TCL Power+Green: Prima Power+Blue: Haier
Power |:Other Brands Power+clock: Daewoo Power+square: JVC
Power+>>: Thomson Power+dot: Grundig Power+|<<:Poiner
Power+>: Philips2 Power+>>|: Toshiba2 Power+||: Konka