At Bilal Electronics, we have been a cornerstone of the audio industry for over two decades, driven by our passion for sound and unwavering commitment to excellence. As a leading sound electronics company, we are dedicated to delivering the most cutting-edge and immersive audio solutions to our cherished customers.

Our Story


Our journey began humbly, with a small store and a big dream. Founded by Mr. Bilal, a seasoned audio enthusiast, our company was built on the belief that exceptional sound should be accessible to all. Over the years, we have grown, expanding our product range and services, but our core values remain unchanged – providing our customers with top-quality audio products that redefine their auditory experiences.


Soundscapes Unlimited’s mission is to awaken your senses to the beauty of sound. Whether it’s the futuristic sounds of JSJ, the powerful bass of HI-POWER, the nostalgic charm of NEO-STAR, or the musical wonders of MUSIC HOUSE, they aim to enrich your life with the magic of music and sound.