• Accu Recharge Maxi Charger is designed to efficiently charge 2 AA/AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. With its automatic safety shut off feature, you can rest assured that charging will cease once it’s complete, preventing overcharging and ensuring safety.
  • This charger is a cost-effective solution, charging 2 AA batteries within a reasonable timeframe of 5 to 11 hours. This ensures your devices are always powered and ready to go without waiting excessively long periods for charging.
  • The charging status indicator is a handy feature that eliminates guesswork. It notifies you when charging is complete, so you can promptly remove your batteries. Additionally, it alerts you if a bad battery is detected, ensuring you can replace it or take appropriate action.
  • Overall, the Accu Recharge Maxi Charger offers convenience, safety, and reliability in keeping your batteries charged and your devices powered up.