4 in 1 Phone Network Remote Cable Tester


Types of Cables Tested:

  • RJ-45
  • RJ-11
  • USB
  • BNC

Test Scope:

  • Test installed wiring or patch cables.
  • Test shielded (STP) or unshielded (UTP) LAN cables.
  • Test shields in USB cables.


  • Can test from 2 remote points.
  • Beeper provides audible annunciation of test results.
  • Remote unit stores in Main unit.
  • BNC terminator 25/50 Ohm indications.
  • Straight or crossover cable indications.
  • LEDs indicate connections and faults of wires and pins.
Cable Connector Type ‎RJ45, RJ11, RJ12
Battery 9V Laminated
Dimensions ‎144*86*25.2mm
Weight 168g